Teaching Pronunciation for English as Lingua Franca in Maritime Education

Submitted by Dyah Ratnaningsih on Fri, 10/02/2020 - 10:34

Dyah Ratnaningsih

Teluk Bone Utara 26 Surabaya, Indonesia


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Abstract. English as Lingua Franca has been spread all over the words spoken by international labor and communities who interact and communicate in the growing global industry. The maritime sector has the most important role of this issue. Therefore, the students in the maritime education and training in Indonesia must perform the English communication which is understood by others in the multicultural and multinational interlocutors to establish the safety operation of the ship. So, this study tries to find the best teaching practice for the pronunciation practice in order to prepare the students when they are on international sea-going vessel. There are fifty participants and the teaching duration was two months for eight online meeting since the Covid-19 outbreak has stopped the teaching and learning activities at campus. The result showed that the teachers of Maritime English must introduced various accent, practice the using of standard English especially in the context of safety of navigation, and encourage students to perform standard pronunciation. Keywords: EFL, pronunciation, teaching practice

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