Digital Literature in Digital Era: Challenges, Constraints, and Lookouts of Some Perspectives of Literary Criticism

Submitted by Ali Mustofa on Fri, 10/23/2020 - 23:34

Abstract: Digital literature is a genre of literature, encompassing works of literature produced on and for digital devices or media, such as a computer, tablets, and mobile phones. Its handy characteristics enable this genre to be read and enjoyed everywhere especially when it has been already uploaded as a digital site. Such literary works may not provide general characteristics as those of works written on paper. The only thing that differentiates this is that it is exclusively created on digital devices. Since the academic world also heads toward paperless materials, digital literature may offer specific approaches on how to read and analyze it. The present paper explores the challenges, constraints, and lookouts on how to view digital literature as digital sites encompassing some new approaches of literary and cultural studies where they could be employed to analyze the digital literary texts. Some ideas which are offered and discussed in the paper will significantly contribute to the development of literary analysis and criticism in the digital turn.

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